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FreedomID Business Services
FreedomID Business Services

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"More employers are likely to see a timely new offering when they choose their benefits: identity-theft protectionAbout 35% of companies offered it in 2015,  (Willis Towers Watson) and 70% have said it could be on their benefits menu by 2018. The huge data breach at Equifax is accelerating that timetable." - Chicago Tribune, 9/25/2017  

ONE PlanŸ: For Both Your Employees & Business    

 For Your Employees

FreedomID Business Services

Award Winning Identity Management Services

  Identity Resolution Services

Bilingual resolution experts are available 24/7 to restore your identity in the event you (or a household member) experiences any type of identity theft. Further, experts will handle pre-existing issues, and lost or stolen ID documents.

 Technology Resolution Services

Technology Experts are on standby if you (or a household member) experience malicious attacks on your computer, tablet, phone, email accounts, social media accounts and more. Includes Ransomware, Malware and Phishing scams.

 Lost Expense Reimbursement1

LifeStages plans all include reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs and for funds stolen electronically from your bank account or 401k. Aggregate limits range from $25,000 to $1Million depending upon the plan you choose. See Plan Comparison Chart

 Optional Monitoring Services

You can choose to add Identity monitoring, credit monitoring and other premium monitoring features to your LifeStages plan by choosing PLUS, GOLD or Platinum coverage options. Monitoring services provide a secure dashboard for 2 adults that includes SMS Text Alert features. Compare Monitoring Options

 NEW! My Member Perks Access

All FreedomID plans include family access to exclusive savings and rewards to over 30,000 stores and brands you trust. The average member saves $2,500 + annually on things you regularly purchase. Members can get $25 restaurant gift certificatesin their zip code for only $3-$5. Rewards points are universal and can be shared by family members. 

1Aggregate limit. See policy for coverage details. 2Participating Restaurants Only.

 For Your Business

FreedomID Business Services
FreedomID Business Services

Tangible Benefits For The Business

 Low Cost - High Value Offering

FreedomID offers low cost plans that provide a high value. Plan premiums are typically 60%-80% less than prices typically found online for similar coverage. A timely benefit that won't break the budget.

 Reduces Lost Productivity 

Recent statistics say that 1 in 5 employees will experience an ID theft crisis this year, and an astounding 97% will  try and resolve the issues while at work. Our plans significantly reduce the lost productivity by having experts do the work. 

 Eliminates Potential Liability

In the event your business or vendors experience a breach that compromises the personal information of your employees, this plan already provides identity theft services reducing your legal liability.

 We Do All The Work

Your FreedomID Implementation Manager will make sure your new benefit rollout goes smoothly. Employees will receive a welcome email, personalized landing page and welcome video so they understand their new benefit. As a bonus, your brand logo & company message or initiative can be featured on all email communications to employees as a gentle reminder of your good will. 

 NEW! Business Breach Services*

Last year 6 in 10 businesses that experienced a breach failed within 6 months. FreedomID Commercial Breach Readiness is a highly unique service at no additional cost, that provides the business with necessary breach prevention and resolution services: a breach resource portal, risk mitigation training modules & calculators and priority access to a Breach Expert that will help you navigate all the dangerous compliance and liability risks to protect your business. Essentially, you get IS resources - without the big salary.

*Included With Employer Paid Plans ONLY. 

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"I was recently a victim of Identity Theft.  Long story short, I live in Florida.  A person showed up at a TD Bank in New York posing as me.  He had a fake Driver’s License that had my DL # and he had my SS#.  The teller suspected the ID was fake and called my office to verify that I was not in New York.  The theft was avoided, but I was pretty dismayed.  I recalled that I had a FreedomID plan.  Boy was I glad.

I simply called the number, they verified my membership and my FreedomID fraud expert representative, Stephen Isaacs was terrific.  He spent the next hour or so verifying that no credit accounts were opened in my name, he put fraud alert notices on all the credit bureaus and gave me a new sense of security. 

It’s been two months since the attack and Stephen has been diligent at following up to ensure my identity was not compromised.  Great thanks to FreedomID and Stephen Isaacs.”

  - Craig Beggins, President, Century 21 Beggins Enterprises

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