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Equifax Breach Resources

By now you've heard the bad news: Equifax, one of three major consumer credit reporting agencies, reported a breach that potentially exposes the sensitive data—including driver's licenses and Social Security numbers—of 143 million American consumers. Click below to download helpful information.

Comprehensive Family Identity Coverage At Direct Rates

Special AEA Employee Benefit Rate
FAMILY Coverage Price:


Family Resolution Services

  • Priority Access to a LIVE Resolution Expert
  • Unlimited Resolution Services
  • Bilingual Experts
  • Lost Wallet Document Replacement Services
  • Compromised Phone Assistance
  • Compromised Computer Assist.
  • Compromised Tablet Assist.
  • Compromised Email Assist.
  • Compromised Social Media Assist.
  • Ransomware Emergency Assistance
  • Past ID Fraud Issues Resolved
  • 24/7 Expert Help Desk
  • Reduced Credit Card Offers
  • Child ID Theft
  • Medical ID Theft
  • Tax ID Theft
  • Criminal ID Theft
  • $25,000 Expense Reimbursement Insurance (Aggregate)
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Includes the features of LifeStages, and adds:

  • Secure Private Monitoring Dashboard for 2 Adults
  • Black Market Monitoring
  • Banking & Credit Account(s) Monitoring
  • Email Address(s) Monitoring
  • Medical ID Monitoring
  • Social Security # Monitoring
  • Fictitious Identity Monitoring
  • DL License # Monitoring
  • Reimbursement Insurance Increased to $100,000 (Aggregate)
  • Fraudulent Withdrawals Coverage

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